See what embroidery haircut is and how to do it! Know more about embroidery haircut, how to do this technique and more!

Do you notice that split ends and dry strands are growing? Do you want to take the length of your hair as well? So calm down, we found a really cool solution to this question. By investing in embroidered haircut, much of the damage to the threads are removed. Another plus point is that the amount charged for an embroidered haircut is not excessive.

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What is women’s embroidery haircut?

This style came between 2013 and 2014. But, many people still have questions about what women’s embroidery haircut is.

But calm, contrary to what you may be thinking, the definition of the technique is super simple. We use a specialized machine or scissors for the specific cut. It is to remove the split ends without interfering with the length.

The regions that damage the hair are removed, and in the short term help control hair dryness. We date the validity of the cut. The best is to get it again every 4 months.

Are you looking for longer hair without turn off the volume? Opt for the embroidery cut technique. It is a super viable alternative.

How is the embroidered haircut done?

We use a common machine like a flat iron to remove split hair. We have to be careful strand by strand.

The machine gently cut the split ends without changing the shape of the hair. The technique helps to make them lighter and less dry hair. It can even help in growth.

Because dry ends prevent hair from developing healthily. The other way to do this is manual, using specialized scissors to remove only damaged areas.

Usually, we take the stir, make a little twist, and then make the cut if required.

Benefits of women’s embroidered haircut

Of course, just opting for the technique is not enough. You need to have an idea of the benefits of embroidered haircutting to invest in this style.

The big highlight is to take everything that damages your wires without interfering with the length. But it may also include other advantages in choosing this cutting model. For example:

  • Take split ends of the full length of the hair, not just the end of the hair;
  • Control the volume of the locks;
  • Make hair healthier;
  • Extend the deadline to cut the threads with scissors.

How to make embroidered haircut?

The little machine or scissors are the tools used when making an embroidered haircut. If you are risking the technique yourself, it is important to remember some important procedures:

  • The strands must be dry and combed;
  • Divide the hair into several strands. The more hair you gather, the less likely you will be able to remove all ends;
  • Run the machine the full length of the wires. At least, put 3 fingers below the root to the ends;
  • After doing the whole process, finally, wash your hair and dry normally.

Using scissors ideally is very careful not to take more than you should. Since the professionals have studied and know how to put the techniques into practice. Therefore, we always advise you to look for a professional at Makangels Beauty Salon.

The hairdresser can pass the machine and later also use the scissors. It makes sure a cutting model is compatible with the needs of the hair. Enjoy and also see many haircut inspirations with professionals at Makangels Beauty Salon!

Who to do an embroidered haircut with?

We always recommend that you look for a professional for your beauty procedures. It is nice to say who to have an embroidered haircut with.

In this case, the idea is to have a hairdresser who has the machine available. He must have the knowledge and experience of the technique.

Visit us at Makangels Beauty Salon to talk about the benefits and needs of making the cut.

How much does an embroidered cut cost?

Since we need to consider some issues before defining the work of professionals. Therefore, the answer to how much embroidered cut costs cannot be unique.

To determine the cost, we have to take into account many aspects. These are the structure of the salon, the material used and the size of your hair. The credibility of the hairdresser on the market is also a very important aspect.