Thinking of adopting new female hair color trends? Many beauty trends are already showing signs that they will be successful next year. Know the expert opinion to help define what is really worth betting to renew the look.

We talked to hairstylists at Makangels Beauty Salon, about many hair colorings. We will determine which shades are good options for renewing the color of your hairs this season.

Check out the expert tips and get inspired!

4 Female Hair Color Trends That Promise To Shine In 2020

1) Sand blond or beige hair promises to please you like light shades

The watchword in 2020 will be natural. To get there, it is important to work with delicate tones that suit you. For those who like light hair, getting the choice of blonde tone makes all the difference.

Hair by Angela at Makangels beauty located inside Salon Loft Greenwood.IN.

You may bet on the duality of shades between sand and beige, with an angelic air. Expertly recommended shades are not too hot or too cold. This neutrality makes them more easily adaptable to different skin tones.

In addition, you can ask the hairdresser more at Makangels Beauty Salon. They can customize the result by highlighting one more nuance to your preference. Whatever the case may be, they are sure bets for those looking for a softly lit blonde.

2) Adopt tone-tanned brown hair

More and more women choose to keep or adopt brown hair. It conveys naturalness and elegance in its most varied versions.

For 2020, the central trend is a slightly lighted and tanned version of the female hair color trends. It will give movement and dimension to the look.

Tan browns will be the right bet. It will keep up with the monochrome trend with color gradients. It has been successful in Europe. To do this, the hairdresser can lighten the hair in two or three shades. They may be lighter than the base and with warmer highlights. It will match the natural lightening background of brown.

Hair by Angela at Makangels beauty located inside Salon Loft Greenwood.IN.

Focus the locks on the bends and contours of the face. This way, enjoy the mimic the effect of the sun on the strands. Bet on a smoky effect and gradient in the passage between colors.

3) Bet on beige red hair, the trend for 2020

Redheads continue to be the object of desire over time. Different versions of color have been successful over the last few years. But, for 2020, the best option is to keep up with the smoothness trend.

We believe the redhead will now come with a more beige or rosé air. To get this nuance, the hairdresser will need a clear foundation. You may get a discoloration before applying the color. Because copper pigments tend to fade easily. It is essential to avoid washing your head every day and always using good products when cleaning.

Hair by Angela at Makangels beauty located inside Salon Loft Greenwood.IN.

Try the color extend the magnetic line. It protects pigment from wear while still giving shine and silky feel from root to tip.

4) Pastel colored hair is ideal for creating a modern look

For those who like colored hair, there is no better choice than pastel shades. They are delicate, versatile and have shorter durability. They will allow you to vary in color whenever you want.

Hair by Angela at Makangels beauty located inside Salon Loft Greenwood.IN.

By 2020, all colors can gain a smoother, purposefully faded profile. But always choose them with plenty of shine and even pigmentation.

Pink and blue nuances will continue, but with less vibration. However, be sure to take good care of your day-to-day hair. Return to the Makangels Beauty Salon every 20-30 days. It depends on the case, to brush up the color.